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By TheGoodSisOfCLT, Aug 3 2018 12:56AM

Lebron James Is Forcing Everyone Who Will Look At, Listen, Or Lurk That He Is Much More Than An Athlete--- And I'm All In For It! First Off, I'm Loving The Fact That People All Over The World, From All Walks Of Life, Are Pursuing Their Destinies! It's So Refreshing To The New Renaissance Of Arts, Music, And Now---Education. You Would Think That Lebron James Would Be Focusing On His Newly Switch Of NBA Teams From The Cleveland Cavaliers To The Los Angeles Lakers--But No-- He's Looking Back To His Community In An Inspiring Way.

The Three Time NBA Champion Recently Opened Up A Public School "I Promise School." I Would Like To Say A Big WHOO HOO All The Way From Charlotte, NC! It's Not Everyday That A Celebrity Decides To Open Up A School; Then Make It Accessible To The Public? The Humanitarian In Me Is Loudly Cheering Him On As It Also Inspires Me To Keep Pursuing My Dreams As Well. If You're Reading This; Stop Procrastinating And Get Your Ideas Going...

As Previously Stated, Lebron James Decided To Make The School A Part Of The Akron School System. James Openly Discusses How He Used To Be An At Risk Student In His Earlier Years. He Often Talks About How Proud He Is Of His Mother's Support And Hard Work To Ensure That He Made It To The Champion He Is Today. Lebron Also Credits His Sports Coaches & Team Mentors Who Helped Him Attend School Everyday!

The Student Were Selected By The Foundation Based On Their Academic Performance. The Students Were Most Likely At Least 2 Years Behind Their Fellow Classmates. The School Is Fully Functional With A Full Staff.. In Addition To Assisting The At-Risk Student Of Akron, Ohio; Lebron James Also Has A G.E.D Program That Will Assist The Students Parents/Guardians To Complete Their Educations As Well! But Wait--There's More! The I Promise School Also Has A Food Pantry Program That Will Also Assist With Providing Meals For The Families. If You Would Like To Donate To The Lebron James Family Foundation, I Promise School, Click Here!

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By TheGoodSisOfCLT, Jul 31 2018 09:37PM

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Her Low-Key Demeanor, Determination, And Enterprising Mind Is Known To Influence, Inspire, And Also Drive Many Women In The Local/International Community To Dream Big! Perusing Each Goal With Grace, Originality, And Purpose. As A Beauty & Fashion Brand Influencer, Published Author, And Displaying Her Avid Support Of Her Community; She Challenges Women To Step-It-Up In A Slay-Savvy Kind Of Way! A Warrior In The Name Of Women’s Empowerment; And Delivering Genuine Support To Aspiring Entrepreneurs Of All Races & Genders!

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