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By TheGoodSisOfCLT, Jul 31 2018 09:37PM

"The Good Sis Of CLT" Is An Ambitiously Corky, Freelance Gamer Chick, Writer, Brand Ambassador, And Budding International Blogger/Vlogger, She Provides Her Subscribers With Thought Provoking Content Such As Reflections, Beauty Tips, Fashion Advice, Innovative Hair Care Tips, Revamped Product Reviews, Story-Time Tales, And Much More Such As Branding & Advertisment-- Broadcasting In North Carolina And During Travels. Originally Born In New York, She Relocated To The Charlotte, N.C Area, At 12-Years-Old, After Living In Gastonia, N.C; A Year Prior. She Attended West Mecklenburg High School And Graduated; Attending Fayetteville State University To Major In Bio-Psychology.

Her Low-Key Demeanor, Determination, And Enterprising Mind Is Known To Influence, Inspire, And Also Drive Many Women In The Local/International Community To Dream Big! Perusing Each Goal With Grace, Originality, And Purpose. As A Beauty & Fashion Brand Influencer, Published Author, And Displaying Her Avid Support Of Her Community; She Challenges Women To Step-It-Up In A Slay-Savvy Kind Of Way! A Warrior In The Name Of Women’s Empowerment; And Delivering Genuine Support To Aspiring Entrepreneurs Of All Races & Genders!

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I Really Appreciate You Stopping By My Blog Space Here On the ALL NEW Power104.4Fm #TheUnderground! As We Take This Journey Into Discovering The Endless Topics Based On Entertainment, indie artist spotlights,  Sports, Community Issues, And So Much More-- I As That You Take A Second To Read My Introduction! This little space on the power 104.4fm site is meant for mature audiences of  18+!   It's a proven fact that generosity makes you a happier person; so please feel free to share my posts...  My writing style seems to reflect the true essence of my personality. I will curse----I will not use my platform to bully another being...if They are wrong-- they are dead wrong ALMA And We Will Always Focus On Solutions!  Join me #thegoodsisofclt and let's start the discussions that can impact our culture for the better!


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