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By TheGoodSisOfCLT, Sep 26 2018 11:50PM

Just To Start This Off I Would Like To Pay Homage To All The Female Authors Before Me. I'm Just Starting Out On My Journey Of Being A Published Writer.. Rantings Of Mocha Has Only Been Booming For A Short Period Of Time. You've Got To Wonder.. Who Laid The Ground Work To Make This Possible For Me To Even Publish My Weird & Corky?! So I Got To Reading And Researching For Myself.. Some Of The Typical Lame Things I Do On My Free Time... Reading About The Struggles, Horrid Racially Unjust Moments, And Personal Accomplishments Of The Toni Morrison's, The Zora Neale Hurston's, And The Alice Walkers.. I Personally Feel It Is A Great Idea To Fill Your Mind With Beneficial Literature! One That Will Fill Your Mind, Body, And Soul With That Good-Good! Lmao

Image Credit: POETRY FOUNDATION Www.PoetryFoundation.Org
Image Credit: POETRY FOUNDATION Www.PoetryFoundation.Org

A Little Known Fact Is That Phillis Wheatley Was The First Afro-American Female To Lay Ground Work For The African-American Poetry Genre! Yes, If You Enjoy Writing Poetry, And You're An Afro-American Female... She Paved The Way For You Today To Put Out Your Literature! Phillis Whetley Managed To Overcome Being Captured As A Young Child And Taken From Her Native Home In West Africa.... On A Slave-Ship In 1761.

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Just Use The Menu To Contact #TheGoodSIsOfCLT Today!

Phillis Wheatly Can Be Accredited To Her Literature "Poems On Various Subjects, Religion, And Morals" Published In September 1773! As A Young Child She Was Discovered Writing By Her Masters Using Ashes On A Wall. Allegedly, Her Owners Didn't Discipline Her; And Phillis Was Actually Allowed To Learn How To Read & Write! As A Young Woman, She Was Also Allowed To Travel To France Where She Published Her Book; Then Earning Her Freedom! Much Love And Respect To You #BlackGirlMagic!! I'm So Honored To Be Following In Your Footsteps...  Please Share This Story With A Inspirational Person In Your Life! No Matter Your Color, Love & Light Can Be Shared With EVERYONE! Thanks For Stopping By!

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