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National Recording Artist "Sexton" Stops By Power104.4FM For Media Day!!!

By TheGoodSisOfCLT, Jul 8 2018 04:10AM

First Off , I Want To Start This By Saying "Wuuuuzzzzup!" To The Lovely People Of Global Internet Radio! Thank You Once Again For Stopping By This Lovely Galaxy, Now Also Housed On, Power104.4FM #TheUnderground! Secondly, If You Said It Like You Were On A Re-Run Of An Old Martin Episode?? We're Going To Get Along Just Fine Chyyy Lmao Because I Said It Straight Like That! Lol

Getting Straight To It, Just Recently The Coalition DJs Carolinas Was Able To Snag National Recording Artist Sexton As She Passed Through Charlotte, North Carolina On Her #FlextonEp Promo Run Tour! When I Tell You, Sexton And Her Management Team, 300 Ent., Was So Down-To-Earth With Us As She Chilled Out In Our Comfortable Fully Functional Offices! She Walked In With Her Creatively Put Together American Flag Pants, A Black Graphic Tee, And Some Comfortable Vans To Match The Energy Of The Office... Sexton's Fashion-Style And Camera Crew Was Capturing Every Moment Hunnay...

Only In Our Offices For A Couple Of Hours, The Australian Native Was Able To Answer Many Questions From All The Who's-Who Of The Local Entertainment Bloggers, Podcasts, Videographer/Photographers, DJs, And Tastemakers For Media Day.

With Her #8 Song On Urban Radio With Tk Kravitz Titled "Space"

"Sometimes I Just Wanna Say F*xs You! But I Can't Right Now Because I F*xs With You"

Yes That Song! If You Didn't Know About It; I Don't Understand Why? The Song Booms Everywhere.. If You Need A Little Time To Catch Up, Look Her Up On Youtube! Lol You Say You Didn't Know About Media Day? How??? The Marketing For Sexton Was Absolutely Amazing In The Charlotte, NC Market.. We Will Get More Into That As We Stroll Through The Photo Gallery Of Events Captured By The Tiger Eye Management Group, The Coalition DJs Carolinas, And The Massive Amount Of Supporters That Came Out To Meet Her & Show Love!

Before I Mean An Artist, I Love To Do My Research.. Especially If I'm Not Really Familiar With Their Work... After Doing Independent Research Prior To Her Coming; I Discovered That I Can Actually Rock With The Melodic Phrases, Catchy Hooks, Garnished With A Dope Beat. As You Get To Know Me, You Will Notice That I "Don't Fake A Jack" Most Of Us Know What That Means, But For My Cousins In The Back-- We're Going To Break It Down For You..

During, Sexton's Interviews During Media, I Admitted To Her That I Had Absolutely No Idea That She Was The One Who Sang The Female Verses Of The Song "Space" With TK Kravitz... I Mean, WOW! Come On Everyone Was Thinking It; But Leave It Up To Me To Say It To Her.. Smh All I Could Hear Was "Well At Least Your Being Honest" In My Head In My Mom's Voice.. Smh

Her Voice Various In It's Ranges As She Switches Effortlessly From Singing To Dropping Lyrical Gems In A Rhyme.. For Instance, Once You Pull Up To Her Youtube Channel, Be Sure To Type In "Tic Toe (Do Si Do) Sexton" And Just Rock Out To That Banga Right Quick! Chhhy, Your Welcome And Don't Forget To Tell Her #TheGoodSisOfCLT Set Your Playlsit Up With A Few More Nice Ones!

I Also Told Her That I Can Absolutely Rock Out To Her Song Released Titled "Loyal".. We All Have Situations To Where You Can Relate To At LEast One Thing She Is Conveying In Her Music.. Like I Said, I Don't Fake A Jack.... I Like To Keep It As Real As Possible (Sometimes It Backfires Tho.. *Kanye Shrug* Lmao) I Know At The End Of The Day.. Everyone Is Human... We May Walk Different Roads In Life... But We All Experience The Same Things.... Once Again, This Theory Proves To Be True!

The Female Musical Artist, Signed To 300 Ent., Has Been Blessing People With Her Music For Many Years.. In Her Early Music Life, She Was In An Out Of A Band! After Realizing Her Talents And Musical Potential, She Began To Distance Herself From Her Negative Influences And Focus On Her Craft.. MUSIC.. Once She Realized Her Purpose In Life; Her Music Career Began To Rise To New Heights.

Just Talking With Her During Our Interview, We Noticed Her Cool Demeanor And How Relaxed She Was. I Could Tell That She Was About Her Business And This Promo Tour Means The World To Her. Sexton Was Very Professional, Open-Hearted, And In A Beautiful Spirit To Talk With Newly Curious Supporters Of The Australian Artist..

When Asked "How Do You Come Up With Writing Your Songs?" By Charlotte Own Jim The Drummer, A Drummer, Celebrity Host, And Brand Ambassador For Athletes Foot USA IG: @JimTheDrummer; She Told Us About A Time While Working With Fellow Upcoming Artist Lil Donald!

{{{You Heard It Hear First On Charlotte, NC's ALL NEW Power 104.4FM!!}}}

The Artist Stated: She Loves To Spend Time Just Getting To Know The Other Artist She Is Collaborating With. According To Sexton, She & Lil' Donald Spent About 15-20 Minutes Prior To Writing Just Getting To Know One Another On An Emotional Level. She Believes You Have To Allow Yourself To Be Completely Vulnerable In Order To Write Excellent Quality Music! When Her And The Artist She Is Collaborating With Is On The Same Page--- That's When The Magic Happens.. Sexton Refers To The Art Of Creating Music For Her As Creating "Babies" --Because Writing Has Always Been A Major Creative Outlet.

"How The Fuck Are We Supposed To Create e Something And We Don't Even Know Each Other? If I Just Have To Get Into It-- Like--- Then It's Like **Blah** I Don't Know, It Just Feels Better To Me When We Get To Know Each Other First" ---Sexton Flexton Ep Now Available On SoundCloud!

Coalition DJs Carolinas' Sponsor s A Bi-Weekly Indies Music Event, That Rotates Between Two Facilities (PlatinumPlus Recording & MediaPlexx ) Called NEW MUSIC TUESDAYS. While In Charlotte, North Carolina Sexton Was Able To Swerve Through & Show Some Of Her Musical Variety! I Told Yall.. She Has Some Bangas.. So Go Check Her Out! Come On Push Through.. Move! Lol

I Told Yall A Few New Tracks To Add To Your Playlist.. "Whippin" ,"Never Enough", "Space", And Her New Ep "Flexton" To Name Some.. I Was Actually Happy That She Was Able To Show The Beautiful Crowd At New Music Tuesdays Her Kind Personality & Dope Variety Of Music!

The Whole Squad Would Like To Give A Special Thanks To Sexton & Her Management Group 300 Ent. For Stopping By The Lovely Offices Of POWER 104,.FM #TheUnderground! We Hope That You Continue To Have Safe Travels On Your Promo Tour For Flexton. We Wish Nothing But The Best For You And Your Success In The Future! Don't Forget About The Beautiful People In The Queen City; Please Grace Our Offices Again! Thank You So Much For Your Genuine Vibes And Great Content!

Power104.4 Writing Staff: #TheGoodSisOfCLT

Created Date: 7/4/ 2018

Last Edited: 7/7/2018

Sexton The #FlextonEp Promo Run Tour Comes To Charlotte, NC!
Sexton The #FlextonEp Promo Run Tour Comes To Charlotte, NC!
Coalition DJs Own DJ Karz IG: mc_dj_karz With Snow Queen Sexton!
Coalition DJs Own DJ Karz IG: mc_dj_karz With Snow Queen Sexton!
Sexton Showed Up A Day Early To Chill & Perform  At Soulful Sundays CLT!
Sexton Showed Up A Day Early To Chill & Perform At Soulful Sundays CLT!
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