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Another Black Man Slain As Shooter Is Protected From Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law

By TheGoodSisOfCLT, Jul 31 2018 09:15PM

We're Getting "Sick & Tired" Of Being "Sick & Tired". Another Black Man Slain As Shooter Is Protected From Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law. It Seems Like Over The Past Few Years, We The United States, And People Especially Of Color Have Become Disgustingly Use To The Injustices Of People Of Colors In America. If It's Not Dealing With Racism Trying To Sell Waters To Scores A Hard Earned Trip To DisneyLand.. Or Maybe Just Trying To Enjoy Something Seemingly Normal As Having A Cookout.. It Seems Like Some People Are Willingly Oblivious To The Fact What We Deal With A Lot Of Societal Bullcrap! But What Happens When The Very Laws Put Into Place To Protect & Serve Us; Seem To Be The Same Laws That Are Used To Justify Taking African-American Life---- By Civilians? Will This Be The New Wave?

Now Of Course We Can All Accept The Argument That Injustices Of The Law Has Its Effects On All Colors, Races, And Creeds Of People. I Truly Understand That... If You Agree With The Previous Statement; We Also Have To Admit-- That People Of Black & Brown Decent Take More Of The Brunt Of The Disservices. Now, We Have People Getting A Sort Of "Courage" Start Issues The Run To "Stand Their Grounds"... I Wonder Why That Is?

We're All Familiar With The Hashtags For The Unarmed People That Lives Were Taken By The Hands Of The People Meant To Protect & Serve Us.. And I Will Do My Part To Make Sure We Will Never Forget Them. How Many Of You Wonderful Readers Of This Galaxy Actually Know If Your State Is A "Stand Your Ground" Law State?

STAND YOUR GROUND LAW: Basically States That Is You Feel Like Your Life Is In Danger, You Have The Lawful Duty To Protect Yourself By Any Means Necessary To Prevent Imminent Death Or Great Bodily Harm . As Of Today, There Are A Total Of 25 States That Have Enacted The "Stand Your Ground" Laws, According To The National Conference Of State Legislatures (NCSL) And It's Important To Note That States Have Different Laws Governed By The State.

I Want To Bring Light To The Recent Killing Of Markeis McGlockton Of Pinellas, Florida Who Was Fatally Shot By Michael Drejka After He Was Shoved To The Ground For Shouting At McGlockton Fiance And Child. According To The Pinellas Sheriff Department, Drejaka Was Justified In Taking McGlockton Life As He Was Fully Protected Under Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law. Michael Drejka, A Disabled Florida Man Was Irate At The Fact The McGlockton Family Had Parked In A Handicapped Parking Space At A Local Convenience Store. Drejka & McGlockton's Fiance Began Arguing As Markeis And His 5-Year-Old Son Were Inside The Convenience Store.

Markeis McGlockton Was Seen On Video Surveillance Rushing Out The Store To Defend He Fiance & Child In The Car And In The Heat Of The Moment Pushes Drejka To The Ground To Keep Him Away From His Family. As Mr. McGlockton Is Also Seen On Surveillance Camera Backing Away From Drejka; Drejka Is Then Seen Pulling Out A Handgun And Shooting McGlockton Directly In His Chest. McGlockton Then Runs Back Into The Convenience Store Where He Tragically Passed Away In Front Of His Young Son.

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said in a news release, "Witnesses told detectives that Drejka was on the ground when he took out a handgun and fired one single round at McGlockton, striking him in the chest."

Me Personally, Maybe Him Pushing Drejka To The Ground Was A Little Bit Uncalled For; But Was It Worth Him Dying For? No! Why Not Then Call The Police To Report The Incident? I Thought The Idea Of The "Stand Your Ground" Law Was To Defend Yourself In Persistent/ Immediate Danger? From Looking At The Surveillance Video, McGlockton Backs Away And Seems To Be Checking On His Family In His Car As He Is Fatally Shot In His Chest. So I Ask You, Was A Push Enough Justification To Take A Humans Life? McGlockton Father Has Recently Spoken Out On The Issue Stating That His Son Had The Lawful Right To Protect His Family In The July 19th Incident. Drejka Was Not Arrested As The Local Sheriff's Office Stated That He Was Legally Immune From Any Charges.

"If you push a man down to the ground, that man does not deserve to be shot. Stand up and fight with your fists," Michael McGlockton said at a news conference in front of the Pinellas County Justice Center in Clearwater.

Another Infamous Florida "Stand Your Ground" Court Case That Rocked The World Of, Well The World, Was The Trayvon Martin Case. Martin Was Walking To A Family Members House From A Convenience Store When Mark Zimmerman, Then A Neighborhood Watch Volunteer Accused Him Of Walking The Neighborhood Looking To Commit A Crime. Zimmerman Then Called The Local Police Which Advised Him To Not Approach Martin. Defying The Polices Commands; He Then Approaches Martin And A Altercation Ensued. The Altercation Left Trayvon Martin Fatally Shot. Zimmerman's Criminal Defense Attorney, Mark O'Mara, Stated In A Interview With CNN That " Florida Passed The 'Stand Your Ground' Law In 2005 To Enable Citizen To Fight "Force With Force'. The Community Began Voicing Their Concerns Stating That Zimmerman Would Get Off For The Murder Of The Teen Without Criminal Charges Under The Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law. This Caused Zimmerman To Simply Plead Self-Defense. But The Community Discussion Had Already Began; The Call To Change The Laws Are Still Being Discussed To This Day.

"You cannot provoke a fight and then hide behind 'stand your ground,'" Michele Rayner, another attorney representing McGlockton's family, said Thursday.

Interesting Reads/ Sources:

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Tampa Bay Times:

Sheriff Gualtieri defends ‘stand your ground’ decision in convenience store shooting

Written By: #TheGoodSisOfCLT



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